VOODOO MAGIC - Watermelon Sacrifice


Size(v): 30ml
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Our very own premium brand of E-liquid! 

Instantly full of flavour, ready to shake & vape.


Chase the cloud and pay homage to the musical gods! Every year at the New Orleans Jazz Festival, you can witness the traditional Watermelon Sacrifice to the gods of music. Join in the 'sacred' chant and revel in the succulent flavour of luscious red watermelon. Close your eyes & before you know it, you’ll be in New Orleans!

Watermelon, watermelon, red to the rind; If you don’t believe me,just pull down your blind; Sell it to the rich, sell it to the poor,sell it to the lady standing in the door.


Available in 30ml, 60ml, 120ml, 250ml & 1L

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